About Prof J

I’m an associate professor of journalism at Marshall University where I joined the faculty in fall of 1976. A Kentucky native, I attended Dabney S. Lancaster Community College and Ohio State University before completing both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism at Marshall. In addition, I attended Ohio University where I did doctoral course work in law and responsibility, international journalism, and history with a minor in sociology.

Twice I’ve been named a “Fabulous Faculty Member” by PHI ETA SIGMA, The National Honor Society, but have yet to receive the “honor” of a Chili Pepper. I’m not holding my breath.
From darkroom to digital

I’ve taught a variety of courses including photojournalism, news reporting, fundamentals of writing and editing, computer-assisted reporting, research and information gathering, magazine writing, magazine editing and production, and international communication.

Currently my teaching focus includes digital imaging; Web strategies and design; and multimedia reporting.

Before and during teaching

I’ve worked as a newspaper copy editor; resort photographer; magazine writer, photographer and consultant; and freelance researcher. Before those things I was a horse trainer and riding instructor

When I’m not on campus I hang out with my husband, J.P. (not Johnson), and our pack of dogs, which usually number about 11 and once was numbered 16.

I love the southwest desert and the Outer Banks; read lots of books and magazines; do a little stained glass whenever I have the chance; write children’s books; and never watch TV.

Gone: Cleo’s Misadventure