I dreamed of writing

By the second grade knew I wanted to be a writer. So, with determination I sat up the card table in the corner of the dining room and began. I wrote and wrote and wrote. This writing thing was work.

Curious about my mission, Uncle Fred asked what I was doing. I informed him I was writing. I wanted to be a writer. He informed me that writers make up their own stories.

Writers make up their own stories! I was relieved. I was excited. That would be much more fun. You see, I had been copying word-for-word a Big Little Book – I don’t recall the title.

Years passed

I wrote poems. I wrote stories. I wrote an entire mystery during study hall. My first sale (I think) was to the Girl Scout magazine and the piece was about riding an elephant – fun and fun.

In spite of being side-tracked by my career as a teacher, I managed to publish a number of magazine articles in National Show Horse, Horse and Rider, and American Rifleman.

The first published book

Finally, my love of animals and my dream of writing came together with “Gone: Cleo’s Misadventures,” my first published novel. Gone was inspired by our rescued Basset Hound, Cleo. She took off chasing deer one day and was gone for three weeks before catching a ride home.

As soon as Gone: Cleo’s Misadventure was published, I was ready to turn it into a series. The second, Dognapped: Cleo’s Misadventure2, should be published late 2016. Several others are planned.

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More writing to come

It’s hard to teach full time, dog wrangle and write. Thus, I am looking forward to the day when I can hang up the full-time professor and sometime writer status for a full-time writer and part time professor status. I will tweet about dogs @K9Muse blog about dogs at K9Muse and write books.

I have so many books I want to write. Dogs will be in all. I promise.

Gone: Cleo’s Misadventure