Professor Rebecca Johnson's courses

Courses I teach somewhat regularly

JMC 360 – Digital Imaging
Methods of taking and editing still and video digital images for print, broadcast, and online publications. (PR: JMC 241 or an equivalent graphics course for all students except broadcast journalism and radio-television majors.) – Fall and Spring semesters

JMC 400/500 – Digital Imaging II
Advanced methods of storytelling using still and video digital images for print, broadcast and online publication. (PR: JMC 360, ART 315 or an equivalent course or experience.) – Fall semester of odd years

JMC 410/510 – Magazine Editorial Practices
A study of the organization and functions of the magazine editorial department with practice in planning magazine content, laying out pages and establishing production procedures. (PR: JMC 241 or equivalent course or experience) Fall semester of even years

JMC 461 – Web Strategies
Examination of web strategies in news and strategic communication contexts. Includes online media trends, content development, ethical issues and best practices. (PR: Junior standing) – Fall semester

JMC 462/562 – Web Design
Creative and practical aspects of typography, design and interactivity of online communications for the mass media. (PR: JMC 241) – Spring semester

JMC 465 – Multimedia Reporting
An advanced laboratory reporting class in which students, in teams and individually, produce multimedia stories including audio, video, still photos, text and graphics for publication. – Spring semester

JMC 641 – Web/Online Strategies
Examination of Web/online strategies in news and strategic communication contexts. (Note: This course is taught online only.) – Fall or Spring semester

Other courses I’ve taught

  • JMC 100 – Fundamentals of Journalistic Writing and Editing
  • JMC 102 – Information Gathering and Research
  • JMC 280-283 – Special Topics
  • JMC 201 – News Reporting I
  • JMC 230 – General Photography
  • JMC 301 – News Reporting II
  • JMC 304 – In-Depth Reporting
  • JMC 430/530 – Magazine Article Writing
  • JMC 471/571 – Magazine Practicum
  • JMC 608 – International Communications
  • JMC – Independent Studies
  • FSC 605 – Forensics Digital Imaging